Initiated in 2013 by the Honorary German Consul in Brisbane, Prof. Michael Schütz, the German Language Roundtable brings together key people and organisations who are passionate about maintaining and promoting German language within the wider Brisbane community.

Brisbane has a long history of German migration – in fact Queensland was the second most popular state in Australia for early German settlers. Even today Germans are the fifth largest visitor group to the sunny warmth of Queensland. Meanwhile, Germany is not only the economic powerhouse of Europe, it is also a magnificent and increasingly popular tourist destination – and the language is spoken by over 105 million people in various countries across Europe.

Learning German gives you a deeper insight into business, the country, its people and culture … and so much more.

Why this website?

This blog-site provides a fabulous opportunity for the Roundtable to share information with those who want to learn and speak German. It is also ideal for people with German heritage to keep in touch with their cultural roots and also maintain their native language for now and the following generations.

What does the German Language Roundtable do?

A wide range of German language enthusiasts – teachers, lecturers, students, language experts, private German learning institutions/schools, and business people with German exposure or connections – meet regularly to:

  • Discuss effective ways of increasing interest and awareness in the German language and learning German within the greater Brisbane region
  • Inform of various events, functions, courses and opportunities to learn and speak German in greater Brisbane
  • Learn why and how to effectively support German language within in our communities, work and homes
  • Have fun, enjoy and laugh auf Deutsch!!

Do you want to help promote and support German in Brisbane? Are you interested in joining the German Language Roundtable? Please email us here for more information and details of upcoming meetings.

Stay tuned for more information, more background and more reasons to embrace the wonders of the German language and culture!



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