… and the OktoberFun continues!

5 Jul , 2015   Gallery

'Wheel of German' from the Goethe Institut

Trying language skills on the ‘Wheel of German’

Queensland’s ultimate ‘German day out’ for schoolkids, Oktoberfest for Teens, wasn’t just an inside event. Embracing the great outdoors – German-style – it was also about experiencing a real German folk festival with all the thrills and spills, tastes and music. Join us in part 2 of our pictorial journey …


It's 'FERIEN' time!

4 Jul , 2015  

School's OUT, Holidays are IN !

School’s OUT, Holidays are IN !

Es ist endlich so weit – students’ and teachers’ favourite time of year has come – die FERIEN!! Wishing all those who have started holidays, and those about to start, safe and enjoyable holidays! Enjoy relaxing and reading German books, watching German movies, and listening to German music whilst eating German food … that’s what holidays are for, right?


Oktoberfest for Teens – was ist das?

3 Jul , 2015  

Okt4Teens-D4C2_5451-e12,000 Queensland German students and teachers ’embrace their inner German’ every year at Australia’s largest German language schools event. How does Oktoberfest fit in with school education?? More…

Is a dog's Bach worse than its bite?

3 Jul , 2015  

Bach, Beetles or Beethoven?

Bach, Beetles or Beethoven?

4EB German radio 98.1. has a real ‘doggie’ treat’ in store for its listeners!

Tune in on Saturday 8th August 11.30am-12.30pm to find out how to train dogs – also with music – plus lots of other fun tips.

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Free tours now open: Brisbane's German past

1 Jul , 2015  

Nundah street art depicts the first German settlement

Nundah street art depicts the first German settlement

Fascinating new free walking tours, daily Oct 5- Nov 15, delve into Brisbane earliest German roots, and Nundah’s eclectic present. A ‘MUST DO’ for Culture Vultures – or anyone interested in German heritage, Brisbane’s history, or local hidden secrets. Book now!


German Language Roundtable

1 Jul , 2015  

Our logo represents us … bringing together dedicated supporters and promoters of the German language in Brisbane for this roundtable.  

We come from a range of professional backgrounds, and our differences in knowledge and expertise all combine to create a truly broad platform – for sharing the German language and associated events with each other and the wider community.


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