An introduction: the coordinator of many things – Paula Hay

9 Sep , 2017  

Online Deutsch Competition | Brisbane German Week.
Paula Hay started teaching German about three decades ago. She is firstly a German teacher, having started in a secondary school before moving to teach in multiple primary schools over the last 30 years. More…


German Book Club – Deutscher Buchklub

16 Aug , 2016  

A good German book, a friendly chat, complemented by German food and drinks – sounds awesome doesn’t it? This is what our German Book Club is about.


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Hone your German in July

19 Sep , 2015  

Reading German with Isolde

Improve your German in the holidays

July is cold nights, winter uni holidays … and the ever-popular Holiday Classes for students and former students of German are back, thanks to UQ German Club (UQGC) and Learn German with Isolde (LGI). Times & topics and to register your interest, view ‘More’.

Join us and enjoy a new perspective on learning German and get your WHATs and WHYs answered. Have fun!


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Why learn German ???

22 Jul , 2015  

We love German, but we also want YOU to discover the language and love learning German too!

keep-calm-and-learn-germanIt’s not only practical, ‘cool’ and a ‘must have’ language for travelling in Europe … it’s also the No. 2 scientific language worldwide. Even our Asian neighbours are embracing it increasingly as the most popular European language to learn, after English.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these ’10 reasons to learn German’ .

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