A musical voyage to faraway places

2 Aug , 2017  

Brisbane German Club’s Liedertafel/Liederkranz choir takes you on a magical musical journey around the world on Sunday, August 6. It’s a celebration of travel and exotic destinations!

Travel the world in song and music without moving from your seat as the Liedertafel/Liederkranz choir proudly presents this year’s Concert, titled “Glückliche Reise!” Enjoy folk-music favourites and German Gemütlichkeit on this special afternoon … and afternoon tea is also included in the price!

Bring along you friends, family and gute Stimmung!

When? Sunday, August 6 at 2pm

Where? Brisbane German Club, Vulture St, Woolloongabba; opposite the ‘Gabba’

Tickets? $15 at the door (from 1pm) or through Monika Kortz

For more information and bookings please contact Monika on 3397 0971 or email her here.

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