New Era for GermaninBrisbane

17 Aug , 2017  

A new era now starts as Louise Moeller, creator and manager of GermaninBrisbane blog, passes on her ‘brainchild’ and 105 blogs to Brisbane’s German Consulate as a valuable extension to their marketing & communication platforms.

1 idea … 105 blogs later

When Louise Moeller presented her idea for creating a blog as communications tool to the newly-formed German Language Roundtable little did she realise that 3 years and 105 blogs later it would be time for this powerful communication platform to start its next exciting developmental chapter.

The birth of a blog

In late 2014, teachers, university lecturers & academics, business people, parents & heads of the German community – all advocates and supporter of German languages – gathered together to bring a new initiative of the then Honorary German Consul in Brisbane, Prof Michael Schütz, into life. Its name: Runder Tisch der deutschen Sprache (RTdS) or German Language Roundtable.

Roundtable member, Louise Moeller, came up with the idea of creating a blog as information sharing platform instead of just emails, to reach not only the Roundtable members but the wider public too.

Agreed. Done. was born.

From student exchange experiences to exclusive Q&As with leading personalities, its quality and original content, has gained many keen and engaged followers.

The circle closes – an exciting new era begins

Started as an initiative from the German Consul in Brisbane, it will now return to their management as part of their wider online presence under the new Consul, Prof Michael Rosemann. The blog will be integrated into their marketing & communication strategies as part of their growing ‘family’ of social media platforms and other projects, such as their newest initiative, Brisbane German Week(s) . now begins its next important growth phase and will share even more of the Consulate’s activities, news and highlights.

And lastly, a big ‘DANKE SCHÖN’ goes out to my valuable team of Dr. Isolde Neugart and Catrin Renström, everyone who has supported me and provided me with the wonderful stories, and everyone who simply read and enjoyed my blogs. I loved bringing these stories to life and, in some small way, convey my passion and contribute to promoting German language and culture in Brisbane and beyond.

Signing off. Auf Wiedersehen und bis bald.



2 Responses

  1. Linda Mains says:

    You are the best! A very talented and creative lady.
    Thanks for all you have done in binding together Brisbane’s various German communities.

  2. Sandra Macha-Peck says:

    Hello Louise
    Thank you for sharing all these interesting & joyful stories. I really loved reading them and will miss you!
    As usual you have done a great job and fantastic set up for the next team to continue.
    Hope to keep hearing from your next adventures step in life.

    Lieben Gruss von Sandra

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